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@atomic235 has been busy video editing – here’s a promotional for Losanga! ○ We’…


@atomic235 has been busy video editing – here’s a promotional for Losanga!

We’ve finally started getting our act together on the video front – he’s currently working towards a new IG template in the new software for new pattern releases. Its where Tom’s skills lay (well, video as well as stills photography) so we’re working towards getting him onboard for this in a bigger capacity. We’ve just gulped hard and invested in a mirrorless Fuji to get some serious cinematic action each time we have a photoshoot.

The editing is something we’re still differing on – care to share your thoughts on the framing, text, etc? There are slight colour differences and that’s because we used my phone and the Nikon, and that we will fix. Going forward we’ll also have my favoured shallow depth of field (I’m a sucker for it; it’s the whole reason for the video camera upgrade :s) But I’d love to hear your thoughts on the presentation!

eta/ I know folks have a wishlist for video but please be aware that IG video is only 60 secs and we want to aim to get the best that we can into that short film, but there are some things we won’t be able to do. I won’t move to YouTube ‘cos longer videos are inaccessible for folks without broadband so as much as 60 secs is a challenge, it’s what we have! (and that challenge can bring about some creative solutions). As well as suggesting what you’d like in a video, could you also share any thoughts on the text and placement of, especially in relation to the framing? We have to fit that info in, too, and if we change the framing or subject/focus then the text has to change too. TIA!

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Credit: @woollywormhead

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